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Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living area can sometimes find its way to being a difficult task. You have to think through what it is you want for your living space. Do you want round or square, gold or silver, glass or mirrored??! These variations of coffee tables can be so mind-boggling.…

How to Style Dollar Tree Mirrors Like an Interior Designer!

I know what you are thinking…Home Decor in Dollar tree????? YASSSSSS Home Decor in Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree is known for having EVERYTHING you can really think of, from laundry detergent to cereal to decorative mirrors. A dollar really does go a long way in Dollar Tree! I spent about five bucks on these cute mirrors and found the perfect space for them in my apartment. I kept rearranging them until I finally found the position I thought would make the biggest impact in my entryway. I live in a huge studio apartment (if that makes any sense), with very high ceilings so I wanted to accent those walls and make the space appear larger. I thought the best way to highlight the mirrors was to align them vertically to compliment my tall ceilings.

How did I hang them, you ask?

Soooooooo, I literally rigged the mirrors onto my wall lol. I actually purchased thumbtacks from Dollar Tree and they worked perfectly for hanging the mirrors. I also used thumbtacks because they are easy to remove and when you live in an apartment, you definitely want to leave the least amount of damage to your walls as possible.

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