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Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living area can sometimes find its way to being a difficult task. You have to think through what it is you want for your living space. Do you want round or square, gold or silver, glass or mirrored??! These variations of coffee tables can be so mind-boggling.…

How to be Frugal and Glam

Hey, Y’all Hey! Today is Friday so that means, LET’S GET FRUGAL! Want to create glam living spaces for yourself without breaking the piggy bank?? Being frugal is the solution but just because we are being frugal doesn’t mean we have to shy from glam!

Advice on Being Frugal and Glam:

  1. Catch those SALES!!! Make sure you’re looking out for sales both online and in-store. Don’t be afraid to head straight to the Clearance section of a store, that’s where you can catch some amazing deals. Whenever I am shopping for home decor or furniture I check out the selection in the Clearance section first.
  2. Frequent Discount Stores! If TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, Ross, Burlington, AtHome or Homesense ever closed I would be DEVASTATED! These are the places where I find glam items for a fraction of the price if I found them elsewhere. The great thing about these types of stores is that most of the time they have a great selection of furniture and home decor (must be in heaven lol). I know I talk about these stores a lot but they have proven to be the TRUTH when it comes to staying on a budget with home decor.
  3. Check the Clearance or Dent Department! Don’t be afraid to check out the Clearance or Dent Department at a furniture store! You want to get a good deal on some glam right???? ok, waltz right to that clearance section and get your shop on! I purchased a sofa from Value City Furniture for $599 (I thought that was a deal) I found the same sofa in a different color for $299 in the Clearance department. Now, of course, when shopping in the clearance department you do run the risk of finding some slightly damaged furniture but it’s normally, not anything major. ( I found my dresser in my bedroom from the Value City clearance department and it was missing a knob, I didn’t like how they looked anyway so I just purchased all new ones from Amazon)
Clearance Section of Value City Furniture, this sofa was originally $599 and was marked down to $299

I am so glad I decided to create this Frugal Friday segment so that I can share with you all the tips and tricks needed to be glam without breaking the bank. Now let’s go on a Frugal Shopping Spree by shopping the look below:

1. Upholstered Dining Chair
2. Ember Dining Table
3. Gold Sputnik Chandelier
4. Red Wine Glasses

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