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Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living area can sometimes find its way to being a difficult task. You have to think through what it is you want for your living space. Do you want round or square, gold or silver, glass or mirrored??! These variations of coffee tables can be so mind-boggling.…

Nine stylish green sofas that are budget friendly

I know, I know when you think of a green sofa you probably think of this…

If you don’t know or remember this sofa, it’s from the famous 90s sitcom Martin (my favorite show btw). Don’t let this ugly sofa taint your image of how the green sofa has evolved and now one of the most sought after colored sofas these days. I’ve seen it in so many designs and I’ve used them in some and they are always a hit! (Check out my design below)

Now that I have done everything to convince how much your home would be so much better with a green sofa, here are some that I have handpicked.

  1. Hunter Green Kaufman Sofa
  2. Ultramarine Green Tuxedo Arm Sofa
  3. Rumley Sofa Stax Forrest Green
  4. Caire Square Arm Sofa
  5. Koger Velvet Arm Sofa
  6. Arvilla Green Velvet Sofa
  7. Synder Chesterfield Sofa
  8. Boutwell Sofa
  9. Roberta Tuxedo Sofa

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