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Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living area can sometimes find its way to being a difficult task. You have to think through what it is you want for your living space. Do you want round or square, gold or silver, glass or mirrored??! These variations of coffee tables can be so mind-boggling.…

Online Designing – TJMAXX

All it takes is one click to design your home! You can do it! TJMAXX is a great place to start, I love their products in-store but I love their online selection even more. They have such a variety of items to choose from and they have a bigger selection of furniture, throw pillows and coffee table books online. With this design, I began with the abstract painting because it caught my eye because it was very colorful with bright hues of pinks, with a little grey and some gold. I took the picture and just built from it, adding pillows, chairs, lamps and anything else on the site that could complement the design of that one painting. Having an eye for design is sometimes easier than you think!


Wall Art:×40-Framed-Dynamic-Canvas-Wall-Art/1000496571

Blush Pink Throw Pillow:×22-Luxury-Velvet-Pillow/1000532234

Gold Throw Pillow:×24-Textured-Decorative-Pillow/1000472229

Grey Throw Pillow:×20-Iliana-Velvet-Pillow/1000446469

Velvet Ottoman:

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