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Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living area can sometimes find its way to being a difficult task. You have to think through what it is you want for your living space. Do you want round or square, gold or silver, glass or mirrored??! These variations of coffee tables can be so mind-boggling.…

Top 10 Glam Halloween Decor Ideas

  1. Incorporate Halloween Decor with your Coffee Table Decor

2. Utilize your mantel or side table to display your Halloween Decor

3. Get Creative! Ain’t nothing a hot glue gun and some spray paint can’t handle!

4. Your porch or balcony is the perfect place to display your Halloween decor skills

5. Dollar Tree to the rescue! Get some cheap white candles, candleholders, and skulls to make a chic tablescape!

6. Take advantage of your entryway display and add a skull or too to show off your festive spirit!

7. SPRAY PAINT!!!!!! It’s your best friend when you want your pumpkins to stand out more than any of your neighbors lol

8. Make a spooky dinner scene for a Glam Halloween Dinner for all your guests to remember

9. Add Halloween Accents all throughout your living spaces!

10. MAKE your Halloween decor look as realistic as possible to really give your guests a SCARE!

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